Increasing Education Access
With Learning Technologies

The future is bright for learning technologies!

One of our main focus areas at Michelson 20MM is to support technological innovations that create more engaging, effective and affordable learning experiences. These learning-oriented technologies have many applications that serve our core vision.

Our Goals for Learning Technologies

We support organizations that get students into college, help them stay enrolled until they graduate, and help them re-enroll if they’ve dropped out. This helps students succeed as workers and entrepreneurs, leading to a better quality of life and helping the economy by supplying skilled workers to meet the projected increase in demand for tech workers.


Decrease students’ average time to college degree completion.

Learning technologies can reduce the time it takes a student to complete their degree. There are many benefits to this:


  • Cost savings make college more affordable.
  • There is less time for life events to occur that can delay or derail one’s studies.
  • Getting into the workforce earlier means that a student can start building their career and generating wealth at a younger age.
  • Faster graduation rates free up more resources in the college system, allowing more students to attend.
  • A faster-paced degree track helps students develop the time management and prioritization skills that they will need in order to succeed as entrepreneurs.

Invest in diverse entrepreneurs.

Diversity is good for business. Different backgrounds and perspectives diversify the innovation landscape, and expand the creative potential of the workforce. This is of enormous value not only to established companies, but to the start-ups of tomorrow.

The platforms we support at Michelson 20MM help to improve participation and engagement metrics, increasing diversity.

Additionally, by expanding economic opportunities in tech to people from all walks of life, those who come from an under-resourced background can begin generating greater wealth to benefit their families and communities. This, in turn, lifts up the entire economy, helping everyone.

Our mission is to make postsecondary education affordable to everyone, no matter their financial situation. This vision, shared by our founders, Dr. Gary Michelson and his wife Alya Michelson, forms the bedrock of Michelson 20MM’s commitment to a more equitable, prosperous society.


Reduce learning limitations based on geography.

Geographical constraints can make college difficult or outright impossible.

Technology plays an instrumental role in overcoming geographical hurdles. By connecting students to alternative educational resources, or supplementing a traditional college experience with these resources, Michelson 20MM is able to make postsecondary education accessible more widely around the country and the world.

This is a tremendous force multiplier when it comes to economic innovation. Just as roads and public transit systems facilitate the flow of ideas and capital, and connect workers with better jobs that more closely suit their skills, so too do learning technologies have a significant role to play in removing geographical barriers and enabling new economic connections to come into being.

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