Michelson 20MM’s Workforce Development Programs

Success means providing students an education that equips them with employable skills.

Our workforce development efforts at Michelson 20MM, one of our core focus areas, are built around helping educators and organizations prepare students and first-time entrepreneurs for the tech-related jobs of tomorrow. This creates greater economic opportunity and leads to more productive careers that offer a better quality of life.

Our Goals for Workforce Development

We support organizations that get students into college, help them stay enrolled until they graduate, and help them re-enroll if they’ve dropped out. This helps students succeed as workers and entrepreneurs, leading to a better quality of life and helping the economy by supplying skilled workers to meet the projected increase in demand for tech workers.


Increase the perceived value of skills & education gained from non-traditional sources.

In addition to 4-year colleges, we want students and their future employers to recognize the importance of vocational skills, industry experience, and other alternative modes of education, and we want to connect students with these opportunities when it is in their interest.


Increase the number of individuals prepared for technology careers.

Even in economic sectors not associated with technology, technology is still present in the background. Jobs in STEM disciplines, are in great demand virtually everywhere, and the students who acquire strong these skills in these sectors will have an enormous advantage.


Provide support specifically aimed at underrepresented communities.

Michelson 20MM is dedicated to workforce development programs that serve everybody, including low-income communities, minority communities, and other underrepresented groups. We want those who possess the talent and desire to have the opportunity to succeed no matter who they are or where they live.

Bridging Educational Completion with Career Pathways

In a single generation, the rise of personal computing and the Internet have completely transformed our economy and our daily lives. This change has happened so fast that our society’s educational curricula haven’t caught up with it yet.

Inspired by the vision of our founder, Dr. Gary Michelson, Michelson 20MM is in a position to create bridges that will lead students to better career opportunities. We work in conjunction with educators, organizations, and policymakers to design and implement workforce development programs that will equip the workers of tomorrow with the skills that the companies of tomorrow will need most.

See our Portfolio to learn about our specific efforts.

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