Catalyzing Innovation in Higher Education

Our Vision:
Improving Access to Higher Learning

Founded by Dr. Gary K. Michelson, Michelson 20MM is positioned at the cutting edge of innovation in education. We are dedicated to supporting and investing in entrepreneurs, technologies, and higher learning initiatives that seek to transform lives. We are at the frontline of ensuring educational opportunities, and thus meaningful careers, are accessible for all.

Featured Initiatives in Education Innovation


The Michelson Runway EdTech Accelerator invests in companies working on higher learning technologies: programs, products, and/or services that improve equity, access, and efficacy in postsecondary education and career readiness.


The Michelson Institute for Intellectual Property mends critical gaps in the world of intellectual property (IP) education, and creates innovation opportunities. We provide the necessary tools to carry IP education beyond the walls of JD programs.

Our Reach:
Supporting Educators & Access through Strategic Partnerships

Michelson 20MM addresses gaps in education innovation, creating windows of opportunity to combat obstacles. Harnessing the power of higher education technologies and our connections to high-level tech companies and similarly aligned organizations, we invite you to collaborate with us. Help us improve the landscape of opportunity for all who seek to better their lives through post-secondary education and beyond.


Michelson Runway is the world’s first social impact accelerator dedicated to supporting innovations in higher education and career training.

Focus Areas

We make targeted investments in three focus areas: Access and Success, Learning Technologies, and Workforce Development.


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About Our Founder

Dr. Gary K. Michelson is an orthopedic and spinal surgeon turned inventor, investor, and philanthropist.

Today, Dr. Michelson holds more than 340 U.S. patents for medical devices and procedures, and over 953 patents worldwide. He has invested in numerous areas including real estate, timber, energy, securities, healthcare, animal welfare, and education innovations.

Through Michelson 20MM, Dr. Michelson supports nonprofits and startups that use higher learning technology to make education more affordable and accessible.

Dr. Gary Michelson

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