Making an Impact

Investments, Grants
and Advocacy

How We Support Change

Impact Investments

Impact investments provide a structured vehicle for Michelson 20MM to deploy intelligent, patient capital to entrepreneurs and for-profit, sustainable startups.


The foundation provides a limited number of grants to support nonprofit organizations with new or existing programs that address our impact goals.


All Michelson 20MM investments strive to surface research that informs current or future public policy recommendations.

Our Impact Investments

Personalized Student Support Powered By Artificial Intelligence

AdmitHub uses AI and machine learning to facilitate the path to and through college.

Learn more about AdmitHub

31 million people have some college and no degree

ReUp partners with institutions to re-enroll and coach at-risk students to success.

Learn more about ReUp Education

Achieving dreams takes real motivation

Motimatic is the first automatic motivational support system that improves outcomes for students in higher education.

Learn more about Motimatic

Let employers come to you

WorkAmerica is the go-to platform for connecting employers with trained and credentialed talent in the skilled trades.

Learn more about WorkAmerica

Unlocking campus intelligence

Pragya Systems is an AI-powered engine built to reimagine campus intelligence and connect students, faculty, and employers.

Learn more about Pragya Systems

We unlock the value of Open Educational Resources

Lrnr is an adaptive learning platform powered by open educational resources.

Learn more about Lrnr

Awakening the fearless, relentless curiosity inside every student

Packback is a Q&A learning platform powered by a proprietary A.I. to quantify and improve critical thinking skills in college students.

Learn more about Packback

Our Initiatives

OpenStax Logo

OpenStax College

OpenStax, a nonprofit open textbook publisher based out of Rice University, provides free college textbooks and low cost learning materials for students round the world.

With a catalog of 30+ books,1,100+ course adoptions worldwide, and thousands of users, they have saved students an estimated $30 million over the past two years alone. Michelson 20MM is proud to be a founding funder of OpenStax College.

Learn more about OpenStax College

Michelson IP Logo

Michelson IP

Inspired by our benefactor’s robust career, Michelson 20MM created an in-depth intellectual property video series, course, and textbook, The Intangible Advantage, with the guidance of highly regarded experts, to address critical gaps in the world of IP education.

We believe any young person who does not understand the basics of IP–and its value and role in science, business, and arts professions–will find him or herself at a distinct disadvantage in the world of tomorrow.

Learn more about Michelson IP and our other foundations that support higher education. 

StatsCenter Logo


Styled as a parody of ESPN’s “SportsCenter,” “StatsCenter” covers some of the most dry and daunting topics in the world of Statistics. “StatsCenter” provides a transformative way for students to excel in statistical concepts.

Join YouTube all-star Robert Ahdoot of and Jordan Cohen in this entertaining sports-based exploration into the study of statistics.

Learn more about StatsCenter