Michelson Runway: An Innovation Accelerator for Social Change

Michelson Runway is the world’s first social impact accelerator dedicated to supporting innovations in higher and alternative education, and in career training.

As an innovation accelerator, Michelson Runway serves as the bridge that connects institutions, innovators, and policymakers solving the most pressing issues in postsecondary and vocational education.

Our guiding star is simple: All students around the world should have access to an affordable, equitable, and high-quality education that leads to a meaningful career. We want to develop the skilled workforce that tomorrow’s companies will need. We believe that the individuals who develop these skills will lead a better quality of life and will be poised to give back more to society. And we want everybody to have access to these educational opportunities.

The Story Behind Michelson Runway

Michelson 20MM works closely with incubators and accelerators to support companies and entrepreneurs who share our mission of improving accessibility in the education system and making curricula more relevant to the new economy we live in.

The Michelson Runway innovation accelerator was launched in 2015 to achieve maximum social impact toward the realization of our core vision, a vision shared by our founders Dr. Gary Michelson and his wife Alya Michelson, of driving progress in higher and alternative education.

Driven by technological advances, the economy has been radically transformed over the past 30 years, and we believe that postsecondary education can do a greater service to the entrepreneurs of tomorrow by improving their education in key subjects that intersect with the needs and practices of modern businesses.

Is Your Company a Fit for Michelson Runway?

We are looking to invest in startups that focus on:

  • Improving the delivery of education;
  • Improving the competency of educational curricula;
  • Exposing students to key subjects like statistics and intellectual property;
  • Infusing curricula with relevant, real-life content from businesses;
  • Promoting STEM education programs;
  • Simplifying access to the education system for international students;
  • Creating better methods for workforce development and career training.

If you’re a good fit, our resources as an innovation accelerator will help you to push forward on these objectives faster, more efficiently, and with a larger scope.

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