The Michelson 20MM Foundation, founded by Dr. Gary K. Michelson, is thrilled to announce the release of their new free online course to educate inventors on intellectual property, patents, trademarks, copyright, and trade secrets!

In addition to providing budding entrepreneurs with the tools and framework necessary to better protect their inventions and creations, it also offers a basic understanding of intellectual property. All for free!

Why Take The Free Course?

First of all, do you have a great idea to innovate an industry? Then it seems like this is the course for you! While it’s critical that today’s inventors and creators gain a working knowledge of how to protect their valuable ideas. As a result, his course is a perfect start to learning the basics of intellectual property, it’s history, and how to utilize it.

The Foundation of Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual property

  • Patents: So, how do exclusive rights to your inventions benefit you and society? Find out what’s patentable, what’s not, and how to navigate the patent system successfully.
  • Copyrights: Also learn how you can protect a wide variety of artistic and intellectual works. What’s Fair Use – and what’s not?
  • Trademarks: Why are trademarked words, names, and symbols so valuable – and how can you protect them?
  • Trade Secrets: Finally, learn if you need to publicly disclose your creation to gain legal protection.

“Intellectual Property’s imprint is everywhere – from Silicon Valley startups and Fortune 500 boardrooms, to small local businesses,” says Dr. Michelson, founder of The 20MM Foundation. “Therefore, a basic understanding of patents and trademarks can help businesses navigate the legal framework of IP to capitalize on their hard work and hopefully avoid costly litigation battles.”

The Best Part About This Intellectual Property Course? You Can Go At Your Own Pace

Intellectual property

The free self-paced course includes everything you need within 3.5 hours of content. The course also has assessment checkpoints, links, and learning objectives that make it easier for students to comprehend.

Lifetime access to the course is available on mobile devices as well as a certificate of completion!

A Course Designed By One Of The Worlds Most Successful Inventors

Throughout his incredible career, Dr. Michelson secured 250 U.S. Patents on instruments, methods and devices for advances in spinal and orthopedic surgery. Most of all, he has over 950 issued or pending patents worldwide for instruments, operative procedures, and medical devices related to the treatment of spinal disorders.

The course includes input from industry thought leaders including Pulitzer Prize nominated journalist, David Kline. In addition to his contributions, former Under Secretary of Commerce and Director of the USPTO, David Kappos is Executive Editor and also includes his input.

Portions of the project have been developed in partnership with the Intellectual Property Owner’s Education Foundation (IPOEF), established by Intellectual Property Owners Association (IPO) and a trade association comprised of IP practitioners and thought leaders. Therefore, how could you NOT learn everything you need when it comes to the basics of intellectual property?

Click below to preview the course!

Intellectual property


About the Michelson 20MM Foundation

The Michelson 20MM Foundation supports and invests in leading edge entrepreneurs, technologies, and initiatives with the potential to improve postsecondary access, affordability, and efficacy. It’s most noteworthy that the Michelson 20MM was founded thanks to the generous support of renowned spinal surgeon Dr. Gary K. Michelson and his wife, Alya Michelson.

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