We are thrilled to announce Chabot College’s launch of an innovative project aimed at strengthening the landscape of open educational resources (OER) in California’s Community Colleges (CCCs). Their groundbreaking initiative, in collaboration with the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges Open Educational Resources Initiative (OERI) and funded by a Michelson Spark Grant, is poised to transform how colleges track, analyze, and utilize zero textbook cost (ZTC) and OER data to understand student behaviors with the goal of enhancing student success and advancing equity in education.

The Scalable Opportunity to Track ZTC and OER Data

Traditionally, tracking data on ZTC and OER adoption has been a challenge for many community colleges. The landscape is characterized by disparate systems and a lack of standardized approaches, which hinders comprehensive analysis. Chabot College’s work will introduce a scalable model designed to support CCC’s of all sizes and demographics as they seek to collect and analyze OER and ZTC data. 

Leveraging the experience of Chabot College’s OER coordinators and collaborating with other colleges, the team has developed two ZTC dashboards that efficiently track ZTC sections, student enrollment, and demographic characteristics. Chabot College will build on this model to help other colleges develop and implement their own ZTC/OER data dashboards. 

How the Dashboard Will Benefit Each Campus 

What sets this project apart is its emphasis on inclusivity and collaboration. By expanding upon the successful model pioneered at Chabot College and engaging CCCs at various stages of their OER implementation journeys, Chabot College will democratize access to critical data insights and foster a culture of shared learning and innovation. 

The dashboard will serve as a dynamic tool to inform strategic decision-making on each campus. By providing real-time insights into ZTC course availability and student enrollment patterns, coupled with background on student demographic characteristics, the dashboard will enable campuses to identify areas for growth, target resources effectively, make informed curriculum decisions, and advocate for additional funding. 

“We know that Zero Textbook Cost Degrees help students complete their degrees, but with a dashboard like this campuses will be able to look beyond the surface numbers and really see who is benefiting and how,” Cailyn Nagle, OER Senior Program Manager shared. “Chabot College’s dashboard builds infrastructure that will allow the Community College system to really turn up the volume on the amazing OER work they’re already doing.” 

From Six Campuses to 115: The Potential for a Statewide Transformation

The potential for scalability is at the core of the project. Chabot College’s goal is to create a dashboard template that can be easily adopted and customized by all 115 degree-granting CCCs. Through a phased approach, starting with a pilot group of six diverse colleges, Chabot College will refine the dashboard based on feedback gathered with the hope of disseminating statewide. 

The impact of this project extends far beyond the campuses of Chabot and the pilot schools. By providing the CCCs with the tools to identify gaps and opportunities in their ZTC and OER offerings, the CCCs will be empowered to make informed decisions that advance student success and equity. Additionally, by establishing a common data system, Chabot College’s dashboard will facilitate collaboration and knowledge-sharing across institutions, driving collective action towards greater OER adoption and advocacy. 

Stay tuned for updates and opportunities to get involved as we work to proliferate OER adoption!

Michelson 20MM is a private, nonprofit foundation working toward equity for underserved and historically underrepresented communities by expanding access to educational and employment opportunities, increasing affordability of educational programs, and ensuring the necessary supports are in place for individuals to thrive. To do so, we work in the following verticals: Digital Equity, Intellectual Property, Smart Justice, Student Basic Needs, and Open Educational Resources (OER). Co-chaired and funded by Alya and Gary Michelson, Michelson 20MM is part of the Michelson Philanthropies network of foundations.

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