Introducing California’s Best Practices: Pathways From Prison to College
Wednesday, September 14, 2022 | 11:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. PST
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The Smart Justice Think Tank convened higher education leaders, policy experts, and directly impacted leaders to develop California’s Best Practices: Pathways From Prison to College, a set of detailed strategies that stakeholders can implement to support students across three key phases of the carceral impacted student experience. The Best Practices seek to tackle the unique challenges that prevent incarcerated and formerly incarcerated scholars from beginning or continuing their education during and after incarceration.

Informed by directly impacted students, leaders and experts with lived experience the Best Practices seek to encourage higher education solutions, reduce the reliance on jails and prisons, and forge brighter, more prosperous futures for incarcerated and formerly incarcerated scholars.

Join us on September 14th as members of the Smart Justice Think Tank and authors of the Best Practices provide an overview of the recommendations and share insights on the positive impacts of investing in post-secondary education in prison, on-campus support programs for formerly incarcerated students, and pathways to economic success.

Moderated by:

Smart Justice Fellow, Michelson 20MM Foundation

Panelists include: 

Program Coordinator, Project Rebound at California State University (CSU), San Marcos

Program Director, CSU Fullerton Project Rebound

California Policy Director, Root and Rebound

Executive Director, Berkeley Underground Scholars

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