The Michelson 20MM Foundation is thrilled to support this year’s Creative Commons Global Summit as the Open Education & Open Scholarship track sponsor. For 20 years, Creative Commons has enriched the information ecosystem by providing tools to educators, creators, lawyers, and the public for sharing their work with the world. This week, 1300 participants and 200 presenters from more than 60 countries will meet online to share knowledge, debate, and build community. 

A Platform for Information Sharing

Participants will have the opportunity to hear from panels on topics ranging from the reconstruction of the ancient city of Palmyra to international copyright legislation, from deploying open educational resources in response to a global pandemic to the role of openness in fighting climate change. Keynote speakers from around the world working to increase access technology, medicine, and reduce violence will share their experience and projects throughout the conference. Beyond learning and discussing the impacts of open licensing, many participants will be actively expanding access to global cultural heritage through the GLAM Hack-A-Thon (gallery, library, archivist, museum). With a focus on knowledge equity, Hack-A-Thon newcomers and experts alike will pitch ideas, share skills, showcase open collections, and actively work together on expanding access to cultural heritage. 

Championing Open Educational Resources

Between listening to keynotes or participating in discussions, we invite attendees to stop by our digital booth to learn more about the open educational resource initiative of the Michelson 20MM Foundation. Whether we are promoting zero textbook cost degree pathways or funding research into the broken commercial textbook marketplace, we have spent over a decade increasing access to higher education. Sponsoring events like the Creative Commons Global Summit allows us to lift up all those doing the work to remove barriers to a more inclusive information ecosystem. 

“The Creative Commons Global summit has brought together such diverse and exciting voices from across the open space for this event,” said Phillip Kim, CEO of the Michelson 20MM Foundation. “Gatherings like this allow building connections that will push the entire open field forward.” 

The conference will take place online, September 20–24. Registration remains open and on a sliding scale. We encourage interested individuals to register and participate in a truly exciting summit.

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