The Michelson 20MM Foundation is proud to sponsor upcoming episodes from entrepreneur and founder of Edtech Podcast, Sophie Bailey, by bringing you the greatest and latest in education technology through recently launched ASU GSV Summit Series.

As the podcast’s host, Bailey offers insights on current education technology events, trends, and innovations from the latest startups, thought leaders, and organizations. Its newest series features inspirational guests from this year’s ASU GSV Summit held in Salt Lake City. Some notable guests include Sandy Speicher, Partner at the global design and innovation firm IDEO, and Managing Director of its Education practice to Betsy Corcoran, founder & CEO of Edsurge.  

“I am delighted that Michelson 20MM chose the Edtech Podcast to help spread the word about companies challenging the status quo in higher education,” said Bailey.

The Mission Behind Edtech Podcast

The Edtech Podcast seeks to improve dialogue between ‘ed’ and ‘tech’ for better innovation. It has also amassed an impressive catalogue and list of participants with over 75 episodes to date. Including notable figures Lauri Järvilehto, CEO, Lightneer and Ex-Angry Bird (Start Up/Gaming), Heather Hiles, Deputy Director, Postsecondary Success Team, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (NGO),and Deborah Quazzo, Edtech Investor, GSV Partners (Investment).

“We share the Michelson 20MM belief that the future of higher education must be flexible and open to a range of solutions including modularisation or ‘unpacking degrees.’ It is with the support of organizations like this that the podcast can continue to share the rich and diverse conversations happening in edtech with a growing international audience,” said Bailey.

The Podcast

Edtech podcast is not your regular podcast. Edtech also streams live events.

Furthermore, 20MM sponsored shows will be airing during the months of September and October. The podcast is available on iTunes, TuneIN Radio, Stitcher, and Pocket Cast or tune in by visiting

The show will expose global education innovation efforts through interviews, events, and live shows. With over 1,500 listeners across 109 countries every week tuning in.

“It is important [to our foundation] that we continue to raise awareness of the edtech community’s efforts in improving higher education,” said Dr. Gary K. Michelson, founder of 20MM. “This is yet another creative medium of spreading the stories of the many entrepreneurs, organizations, and networks that are currently involved in revamping the higher education landscape.”

To stay updated with The Edtech Podcast follow Sophie on, Twitter: @PodcastEdtech and Instagram: @podcastedtech!

Listen to the podcast below featuring Michelson 20MM President, Phil Kim, and Mayra Lombera, Director of Strategic Initiatives:

Episode 68: Investment, Startups, & Accelerators

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